Restaurants & Catering Sector

Components for Restaurants and Catering

Cooking - Cleaning - Refrigeration
Components for Restaurants and Catering

Cooking - Ovens and Hobs

Stainless steel components and accessories, tube heat exchangers, exhausts, ramps, doors, handles, brackets and carts, with seal welds and high quality finishes. The manufacture of components for professional restaurants means working with stainless steel, a material with unique qualities which require strong character to create special finishes suitable for high performing functional and aesthetic demands.

Neutral - Cleaning

Stainless steel components, handles, dishwasher ramp tubes, rinse / spray arms, heating elements, dishwasher brackets.
Focusing on technical research, technology and qualified personnel, MetalPlast ensures a tailor-made service which is meticulous in every detail, suggesting exclusive functional design solutions in order to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.

Refrigeration - Home Appliances

Stainless steel components, evaporators, water and gas conduits, handles.
Years of experience in the restaurant and catering sector assures the customer of the added value of our professional skill and technical training.

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